Since Bikotel was founded, we are aware of social and environmental work and enjoy constant and innovative ways to create a positive impact on our associate members.

Through our sustainability policies at Ytravel, lda, supporting local businesses and minimizing the social impact of local actions and consultants, and ensuring the necessary return to local traditions and cultures.

The program is designed and structured for the bicycle touring segment, offering differentiated and differentiated services. The increase of the satisfaction, satisfaction and emotional change of the guests as units and with the regions, supporting the valorization and enjoyment of the natural and cultural patrimony of Portugal and, at the same time, encouraging its protection, sensitizing our clients to the environmental issues.

Bikotel is a cross-cutting project that aims to develop local communities, create partnerships with local agents to better understand the local culture and support the development of local tourism programs as well as other services that preserve a social, economic, political, legal, development environmental and cultural development of these communities.

Bikotel is committed to improving its capacity through annual assessments. This allows customers to provide honest and better comments than customers, so they can continue to deliver an exceptional experience.

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