Casa dos Hospitalários

Casa dos Hospitalários

The house is from the XVII century, and it was the headquarters of the Hospitalários Order (current Malta Order, which among many other activities, lent support to pilgrims who passed through here to Santiago de Compostela.Located in the center of the schist village of Álvaro, is surrounded by the Beira Baixa countryside. Now fully restored, has a pool with views over the mountain, air-conditioned rooms, with TV and private bathroom. A wonderful Breakfast buffet is served daily in the dining room of the house. While adults relax at the poolside, the younger guests can have fun in the children s playroom. There is also a library. The Zêzere river passes right beside and in the summer is a place where you can enjoy various nautical activities. In the village there are two schist paths and the Zêzere route also passes through here.

Bike Friendly Facilities

  • Bike secured garage;
  • Bike washing facility;
  • Cyclist menu (carbo,fruit and veggy);
  • Overnight cycling clothes laundry;
  • Mini-Bike repair station with basic tool set and pump;
  • Bike parking lot;
  • Bike routes for road and/or mountain biking (with maps,technical data and GPS tracks)

Optional Friendly Facilities

  • Bike rental
  • Phone support line with emergency
  • Meteo forecast
  • Transfer service

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  • 7.17 km
  • 320 m
  • 628 m
  • 326 m
  • 30 m

  • Alvaro

RIDE 1 [Easy]

Easy route, ideal for a good adaptation to the terrain.


  • 66 km
  • 2.280 m
  • 964 m
  • 284 m
  • 6 h a 7 h

  • Oleiros; Alvaro.

RIDE 2 [Severe]

Route for mountain biking lovers, demanding and spectacular at the same time. Goes through streams, hills and valleys.



Not available